4 Necessary factors to Optimize Ranking, But It’s NOT Found in WordPress

WordPress is considered the most widespread and famous Blogging Platform in this field. Moreover, complying with Google Crawler is another reason for its good reputation.

Do you know that WordPress lacks four essential and necessary factors to set up the website for Search Engines To Optimize Ranking?

Note: of course I mean WordPress core version which doesn’t have any add-ons.

Let’s know these four factors at Today’s Article. Maybe this article information is familiar to you if you are an expert in “SEO”, but it’s essential information for weblogs and Word Press websites owners to get this race-high ranking in search results.

The Website Map it’s important to Optimize Ranking:-

Word press platform doesn’t have a website map, but the map is very important to optimize ranking in search results.

For those who don’t know what website map is: it’s an XML file, containing the website major sections and it’s very important, as this file, which helps Google Crawler to browse your website, has got significant benefits in optimizing ranking in search engines. There is no chance to explain the website map extensively in this article, but you can find a detailed article about it on SEO in Arabic.

In case of using word press platform in your website if you haven’t created website map yet, don’t worry because there are a lot of websites and tools (which is the most famous one of them called Yoast plugin), making you be able to create a map.

Canonical URL:-

Let’s start with Canonical URL explanation, it’s so important to outline the URL related to each page strictly. For example, what do you think of the following addresses? Is it equivalent?





Technically, there is a difference at each address of these previous addresses, therefore, if you write each address in the Browser, a different page will be opened so that in case of not outlining your article headline specificallyو, Google itself will expect the address which could lead to some errors.

TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM, you should write your website correct address at webmaster tools and use Yoast plugin to make sure of creating the correct link for each page on your website.

Google Plus Authorship:-

If you are one of those who has access to SEO Strategies and policies, you must have read many articles about Google Plus role in increasing your website trust and optimize ranking in search results. But unfortunately, there is no option for connecting your weblog to Google Plus. I won’t delve further into explaining this topic, being able to increase clicks number and viewing the writer photo in search results because there are unique articles on this topic.

All that I want to mention is that this feature is missing in Word Press, but again don’t worry you don’t have to use it anymore because it has been stopped entirely by Google. So you don’t need to add “Author”=rel tag that we were using previously. Now I can say this topic is just to mention that; it’s missing and you don’t need to use it even if it’s missing.

Meta Description:-

Meta description plays a great role in ranking optimization in search results, whereas the keyword appearing in meta description is so valuable. As well as, the description, you write in the meta tag, will often appear below address in search results page. You will not find space for editing meta description in Word Press core version easily. Note that it’s very necessary to provide each article with a specific meta description reflecting its content, but Yoast plugin enables you to edit meta description easily.

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