Bulk SMS marketing

Bulk SMS Marketing is one of the most important marketing services offered by upbeat Digital.

It is one of the most recent means for many companies and institutions to reach the largest  target customer database.

upeat Digital company has a distinguished and integrated team in the advertising section and Bulk SMS Markeing.

Our team can provide you all the information and marketing advice for the success of advertising campaigns.

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What do you benefit from Bulk SMS marketing?

Send all that is new about your products and services.
Remind customers of your seminars and events.
Send cables and congratulations on occasions.
Submit offers and discounts for your products and services.

Advantages of using our Bulk SMS Marketing Services

You can target anyone anytime, and anywhere in the UAE.
Access mobile phones even if they are closed.
Fast-spread in nature.
Direct access thousands of potential customers.
Send messages in a timely manner and send updates.
Easy, fast, low cost and suitable for various purposes.
Bulk SMS Marketing within the UAE makes you easily reach the pockets of customers.

What is upbeat Digital offering in SMS marketing?

Messages are sent at a rate greater than 20 messages per second.
Customized online support, email, phone and at company headquarters.
The existence of a disaggregated database for targeted marketing strategies.
There is no commitment to a specific quantity, zero monthly expenses, and zero preparation expenses.
Send individual or group SMS messages to the UAE via a web application.
Integration with your current or offline applications.
Provide options for making text replies available to messages.
Advertise via SMS in the United Arab Emirates using your company name or brand.
Ability to send messages in Arabic, English and many other languages.
The presence of the phone record feature to store and divide numbers for groups.
Messages can be sent to mobile phones via a web browser.
We offer you packages at the best and cheapest prices.
We have comprehensive databases for all cities and filtered by city and region.
You can send messages with your company name without the sender number appearing.
Scheduling and sending messages automatically and receiving access reports to continue to confirm the arrival of marketing message to the client.
We offer you an easy-to-use interface.

How you can use our services?

Automatic reminders of appointments, emails, events, and meetings.
Alerts for delivery status, inventory, price changes and forecasts.
Send personal information, update job status, redirect jobs and site changes.
Notification of any adjustments to the schedule and marking upon completion of key milestones of the project.
Create inventory reports, orders, and sales reports.
Announce the launch of any new product or service.
Promotion of upcoming events.
Direct marketing campaigns.


We have a real database of about 4.5 million phone numbers to send SMS messages across the UAE. This database can be filtered and divided into sectors based on:

Local residents of the United Arab Emirates.
The language.
Property Owners / Buyers / Investors.
VIP and high ranking.
Male / Female

Our Price Packages

  • Super Plan
  • AED 2000
    • 10 Fils / SMS
    • 20,000 SMSs

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  • Pioneer Package
  • AED6500
    • 6.5 Fils / SMS
    • 100,000 SMSs

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