What Are the Interview Questions & Answers for an SEO Content Writer?

Search Engine Optimization content writers, this one’s for you. This role is a specific skill that many businesses are looking to fill. Here’s a roundup of the common questions you can expect and the ways to answer them when applying for such a position.  

SEO writers are responsible for writing content that is optimised, as per the marketing team’s strategy. The goal is to improve the ranking of the business’s website (and other platforms in some cases) so that more people find it. Many copywriters today are expected to have some knowledge on optimising their copy, but SEO writers are often hired with more specific intents and skills. With digital marketing being at the forefront, producing this type of content can have a major effect on a business. 

Forms of SEO content writing include:

Each writer will have a method that works from them, so share insights on the step-by-step process you use when writing. When you’re specifically being employed for an SEO role, you’ll need to begin with keyword research. This is a crucial part of optimized content and the starting point for any content. Discuss how you play and structure the copy, then write it up. This should include a proofing processes, as well as the optimisation that follows, like adding in meta tags, double-checking that the key phrases are mentioned enough, and having content written in a reader friendly way, which includes suing active voice where possible. 

Deadlines are always part of the job when it comes to writing. This question presents you with the opportunity to share your dedication and work ethic. You may be deadline driven and if so, that’s great! If not, it isn’t a bad thing, it just means you don’t let pressure drive you and need to have a clear direction to play your time accordingly. It’s important to be honest about this, along with the number of words you can write a day. It will set the tone for the working environment, relationship, and satisfaction if you get hired for the job. 

Share any relevant courses you have completed in SEO and the kinds of optimised content you’ve produced before. Distinguish yourself from vague answers, since many copywriters claim to know and understand SEO, but have a very basic understanding of it. Showcase your knowledge of off-page SEO that the business will work on to complement the SEO you’d be doing on-page.

Share your passion and interest in the company, but also state what makes you the ideal candidate for this role specifically. If they’re looking for a dedicated expert in SEO, talk about your ability to meet their needs with your ability to conduct audits and produce strategies and recommendations. General SEO content writers should answer with their ability to produce stellar blog posts and web pages by incorporating SEO techniques and best practices. 

You can expect to be asked about SEO specifics to test your technical skill and know-how. These kinds of questions include:

SEO is ever-evolving and so are its requirements. There is no exact science to it so in some cases, you’ll need to see what works best. The key point is that it’s readable for your viewer. While keyword inclusions are important, you need to avoid keyword stuffing. A similar question may be related to the length of a blog post, for example, which again is an undefined figure, though there are certain guidelines you can follow.

Be sure to ask what the company’s process is like, from team structure to briefing, and what the expectations are for the role (for instance, are you required to conduct keyword research?).

Being an SEO content writer is a skilled position that requires technical know-how and all of the wordy abilities that writers have. Your role is based in drawing viewers to a company’s content, so it’s imperative that they hire right. The questions listed above are how businesses ensure these needs are met adequately when interviewing. By answering with the guidelines provided, you’ll be well on your way to being prepared to go from potential candidate to new hire. 

What is an SEO Content Writer?

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