Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Strategy in 2023

Updated 2023.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), refers to the process of bettering the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the search visibility of a website on a search engine. 

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has evolved throughout the years. In the beginning of the digital age, SEO focused primarily on keywords and how a page ranks based on those keywords. For example, if you were a business that offered lawn services, your website content would be full of keywords related to that service offering.

However, things have changed and today we focus on conversion rates, performance metrics, meaningful content creation and user experience, as opposed to spamming a page with certain keywords. Today, SEO is more than just keyword insertion – it is a science. 

So, what is in store for SEO in 2023? 

In 2019, Google launched the BERT algorithm and SEO strategists all over the world wanted to learn exactly how to optimise content for the specific algorithm. The thing is, algorithms keep changing and the key to keeping your site successfully optimised is not to re-learn every aspect of the new algorithm but to make sure your website is based on the user, and it is vital to focus on the technical quality of your website. Essentially, this means that you should always be reassessing the users access points of their search, and align your content with what you have learned. 

When it comes to user-focused SEO, the first thing to focus on is earning high-quality traffic through the use of targeted and valuable experiences on the site. The second focus is to create a place that allows a user to connect with content that is genuinely relevant to them, as this leads to user satisfaction and of course, conversion. 

As users options for search have grown, it is important that you structure your content accordingly.  This means that your site needs to maintain a clean architecture and well-delivered content. 

Your content will have to be created with the user in mind – what is their intent when they are searching? Keywords are no longer what ranks a site, it is about being able to deliver content that the user is searching for and is genuinely interested in. SEO strategists should understand the customer, their intentions, and how a business can help the user through their website and content. 

To put it simply, SEO in 2023 is based around user intent, and fulfilling the users search needs. It is important for SEO specialists to research the target market of a business, and focus in on the customers intent when creating a website and delivering content. By understanding the customers needs, you will clearly understand where your website pages fit on their path. And this is how you can acquire quality leads and convert them into customers.

Do this by focusing on how users talk about their problems and needs at each point of their buying journey. Make sure that your web pages address these issues and answer these questions. Your customers want and deserve value, and they need to know you are on their side. By delivering content that shows them you can assist them, you are also presenting yourself as an industry thought leader – this will lead to a long-term and lifelong client. 

Quality content is the lifeblood of SEO in 2023. Content refers to everything on your site, from your internal linking and site structure, to your blogs and product pages. 

To add value to your SEO, you need to deliver content that is valuable and highly relevant to the user. Create only the best content for your website as this allows you to compete for long-tail searches. Long tail searches refer to when a user types in a longer question for Google to find the answer for. As you create content that answers questions, you will build your site authority and this will get you a great return on your investment. 

By approaching your content with this type of attitude, Google will rank your page higher because you have designed your website to satisfy a user query. 

In order to understand what content your user is searching for:

SEO in 2023 comes down to quality content, and optimising that content for the user rather than just for the search engine. 

As search engines become more accustomed to natural language and how a user searches online, the highest quality content will win and rank higher than its competitors pages. 

One of the most important parts of SEO in 2023 is User Experience (UX). 

UX refers to the overall experience of the user, from the initial interaction with search engines, to their first experience of your landing page, and what happens once they leave your site (will they receive an email, are they targeted by a remarketing campaign etc?) You need to consider how to give your user the best experience and add value to their lives. 

Technical SEO is a big part of the User Experience. This refers to the technical foundation of a website. This comes down to technical best practices, and one of the most important aspects of technical SEO is to provide a speedy site. This lies in the hands of developers, and may lead to having to redesign pages and reengineer the site. 

This is why SEO audits have become vital. An SEO audit allows you to see if your site is following the best practices. At Nexa, we provide our SEO clients with a 20 point check list that has been designed to ensure your website is tested for every important aspect that can impact its position on search engines.

Learn more about technical SEO best practices, here. 

This only scratches the surface of SEO in 2023. If you are looking to rise up the Google ranks, we are 100% confident that we can help you achieve this and will facilitate everything that is required to provide the maximum SEO impact for your business. 

Contact Nexa today, and begin your SEO journey. 


SEO in 2023

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